Project testing is very important. Any CMS changes are controlled by the tester and the project manager, who check the accordance to technical documentation and make sure there are no bugs.
Browser testing
The result of each developer team modification is passed to the tester, who make necessary changes and ensure that the system is working as intended on different devices and browsers.
Each testing is followed by a bug-report, which is returned to the developers for system fixing.

The process is repeated until there are no bugs to fix.
Technical requirements testing
On the final test we make sure the system meets the our studio’s standards and the technical requirements.
If there are any mismatches, we create a new bug-report, which is given to the programmers to fix. The process is repeated until there are no mismatches.
Metrics setting
We create accounts and integrate Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrics counters to the live system.
Together with the client we create a list of metrics (goals), which have to be monitored to evaluate the system’s performance.
The client’s server setup
Relying on the technologies used in the service and expected traffic, we create a document containing server equipment and software requirements. The document is approved by the hosting provider.

The software can be set up by our technologists, if needed.

Deployment procedure adjustment
We set up software (Git repository), which is needed for a fast server upload and updated website launch. This allows to launch new system functions right after testing on the studio’s dev-server.

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