task management system design task management system design task management system design

This system helps us to track necessary improvements and errors in our sites being under construction. Usually similar systems mainly have one general shortcoming – when you need to write down something quickly for correction, at first you must open the site, copy the address of a site having error, install a filter of a project, set priority, assign the date of completion, assign a person, etc... This all is time consuming, it will be easier to “drop” a reference to the developer in Skype and to describe the essence of the problem. However, here we encountered the problem of sorting and tracking of tasks already completed. This is how we arrived at the idea of making our own system that could meet all our requirements.
The system is incredibly easy to operate — when noticing an error on the page, a user pushes a button in the tool bar thus calling for a new window where you can enter a text description of error that shall be corrected supplementing it with a screen shot. That’s all! The system itself finds the address and the project related to the respective site; it will also offer the developer to be assigned for this task.
The task is saved in the general data base and the developer is notified by a special indicator.