Our website ver.7
Our website ver.7

Our website ver.7

At the end of 2013 we decide to upgrade our website’s design according to new trends. First, we were planning a light “facelift” but in the process of discussing and sketching it a new up-to-date and independent version started to appear.
History repeats itself
Designing the main page, we were inspired by going back to 2002, when just two guys opened the studio in a small room.
It was a time when we created the first versions of our website with pages decorated by our signature pylon. Now it’s neither a drawing nor a 3D image. It’s a real pylon, shot within the walls of our green office space.
Evolution: 2002 - 2004 - 2005
Apart from visual improvements, we grouped our works differently, highlighting our basic profiles: identities, website, mobile applications and graphic design.
For the convenience of clients we created an individual page where our works are graded by business sectors.
We added navigation between linked projects, which allows clients to see the big picture during all our cooperation.
To surprise our evening visitors we’re showing the night look of our office. Visit us after 9 PM!