Mistral Alko website
Mistral Alko website

Mistral Alko website

Mistral Alko – one of the largest wine importers on the Russian alcoholic beverages market. In 2015 the company took the first place in importing wines into Russia.
For any display
We have developed an adaptive website, presenting information about the company, the products and the manufacturers.
For a convenient catalogue usage there has been created an easy and understandable beverage filter. From strong Abkhazian Chacha to dry Italian wine from Abruzzo in just a couple of clicks.
The filter and product images are also kept in the mobile website version.
On the product webpage the user can explore not only all information about the beverage, but also maps, showing partner-stores, which provide the product.
The website is frequently updated with alcoholic cocktail recipes, using products from the catalogue.