mc² shopping mall website
mc² shopping mall website

mc² shopping mall website

Interior and gourmet centre mc². One of the most recognised brands in Latvia, who had its first website releases at Artemy Lebedev's studio.
The shopping centre has changed a lot since its opening, but the principle of the company remains untouched: to offer only the best from around the world.

When it gained popularity and the leading position, it became clear that there must be a new website underlining the uniqueness and prominent level of quality.
We have paid special attention to the photos, which became the central part of design.
While the company expanded, its assortment grew along. And the clients had to know about it.
We had severe brain storms trying to create ideal images, switching photography expositions, searching for the right angles, trying not to miss important details.
We have achieved very positive results with the effect of déjà vu for the those who visited the shopping centre after seeing the website. We used the employees instead of professional models in order to support this idea.