Evolution 2.0 investment platform apps design
Evolution 2.0 investment platform apps design

Evolution 2.0 investment platform apps design

Platform allows you to invest in bonds. You only specify the amount and Evolution selects for you the most profitable offers with the maximum interest rate.
In the second version we have completely changed the design concept, reviewed several processes of the interaction with the app and made them more user-friendly.
A drop-down menu switches between open investments. Lists of investment cards became more manageable. Separate links are made to choose or replenish funds.
New investment
After analyzing statistics and reviews, we concluded that charts might frighten the majority of users as it looks complicated. Therefore, we added a card-view.
This solution allowed us to smooth the perception of the fund information. Cards are arranged in order from the smallest amount to the largest and are coloured in the issuer’s logo colour. This helps user to operate offers more quickly.
For the better understanding of platform’s native solutions user account now has a separate main screen. This allows to learn about funds movements, replenishment or reports in a more detailed way.
The concept of white content cards placed on a company dark blue background is the basis of the entire app.
We added a schedule of interest payment to the main screen of an open investment. Its head has a colour of the issuer’s logo, whereas the information on the bond is structured in a card with a horizontal scrolling. This solution is also used for the investment card interface and is familiar to the user.
We have updated the majority of main screens with basic functionality and made a release. At the moment we are gathering statistics on new screens and continue working on the app.