BBAC charter flights operator website
BBAC charter flights operator website

BBAC charter flights operator website

Baltic Business Aviation Center is a leader in providing VIP charter flights in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries.
In 2015 BBAC company acquired a new corporate style and the company’s website also needed to be updated. It had to be more modern and smart-audience oriented. Our studio has created a completely new corporate website.
The mood
The images of Dassault Fashion planes lie at the heart of the website’s design. The close-up images with matching color range set the atmosphere and mood.
Each section has its own image. For example, the lines of a hangar are aligned with the lines of the logo.
Apart from the charter flights the company offers top-of-the-range transport leasing, as well as finding hotels and conference halls and other services regarding business trips management at the highest level.
The website features a catalogue of the planes available for the charter flights. For the sake of convenience the fleet is divided into categories and key features are placed in the general list.
Each plane’s card features more detailed information – about its capacity, speed, number of passengers, available luggage space, as well as pictures of its exterior and interior. All planes are of a similar style.
For users’ convenience the website features a feedback form which makes ordering a plane a simple click away.