Profoundness & Moderation

& Moderation

It is what distinguishes us and is our special aesthetical preference in design. We are the team that is trusted with the most crucial and most important.
Analysis & Strategy
It starts with studying your business, goals and tasks, analysing the processes, finding challenges and opportunities for growth. Then, realising how we can be useful. And finally creating the development plan.
Target audience research
Competitors analysis
Current solution investigation
Market strategy
Growth analysis
Branding & Identity
Including developing brand identity, it’s character, values and mission; designing the visual components: logo, corporate style, promotional materials; establishing guidelines and the brandbook.
Brand positioning
Logotype and Identity
Visual elements design
Brandbook development
Print art-direction
Web & Inteface
We aim at modern information design and best UI experience: from development to optimization and evolution.
User experience (UX)
Wireframes and prototyping
Visual design
UI-kit development
Digital guidelines
Mobile apps
Mobile applications prototyping and design: both native, with each platform specifications adherence, and hybrid, for universal approach and resource optimization.
User experience (UX)
Wireframes and prototyping
Interface design
UI-kit development
Digital guidelines
Developers art-direction
Forming up teams of developers and working out reporting systems, portals and social networks. Setting up extensions for CRM/ERP, third-party API integration. We are following the principles of Agile Software development.
Technical documentation
Adaptive frontend
Backend development
Symfony, Sulu CMS
SEO friendly code
API integrations
Testing capabilities
Producing sales pipelines reports and identifying milestones of growth. Optimisation of design, content and business processes, A/B and Eye tracking testing.
Analytics and conversions
CRM Integration
A/B tests
Eye Track testing
Goes by a precise roadmap and consists of several steps. Some steps can be skipped or switched, depending on the client’s background and the project itself.
We are a company with 16 years of history and narrow specialisation. We know very much about very little.

Being on a journey that spanned across significant part of our lives, we did not exhaust ourselves and have stayed loyal to the company’s vision. This is attributed to the consistent evolution and maturity that allowed us to grow and undertake completely new spectrum of projects.

Over this period of time, we accumulated experience that allowed us to redefine our core rules and guidelines. We do not expand to undertake more, but rather develop and grow by doing less.
We are often considered as the last resort for those clients who had unsuccessful design experiments in the past.